Coming Soon..... Deadly Night

Someone took Samantha (Sam) Murray’s niece eight years ago, but the police were never able to find a body to offer her family closure. Sam’s sister spiraled into such fragility after losing her daughter that the entire world became a threat and she retreated into the life of a depressed hermit, resulting in the loss of her marriage and a good deal of her independence. So when Sam receives a mysterious message that suggests her niece might still be alive, the last thing she wants is to reopen old wounds until she knows for sure this isn’t all a prank. She’s forced to go to her ex-lover, Detective Finn Donovan, for help.

She needs someone she can trust, and while he once came very close to breaking her heart, she knows she can trust him with her life, and more importantly, with her niece’s.

Anyone who threatened his family would die…

If anyone knew what he was doing, they’d think he was crazy. But he wasn’t. He was very much in his right mind.

For eight long years he’d been perfecting everything. Planning everything. A man’s duty was to care for those he loved the most, and he was nothing if not dutiful. He felt pity for those who threatened what he’d created…. He would not be merciful with any of them.

Also by CJ KYLE

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